It’s a dogs life…

Now then readers, any of you who are familiar with this here bloggo will know the escapades of Dolly, our vintage fair dog. Strutting around the office proudly, Dolly opted to pay homage to one of her personal¬†anthropomorphic piggies, Peppa. Doggy does pork- what’s not to love?

PS Does anyone think she looks like a rocket in this? Just me? Ok then.



Dog Days…

The weeks when i can say i spent my Friday¬†photographing¬†dogs in medals – those be good weeks [PS Crufts, if you’re watching, watch out!]

This [as you may know] is office dog Dolly, modelling one of the many medals we intend to give out at Judy’s at Spitalfields – The Bank Holiday Special next weekend. What are we looking for? With snow on the horizon, perhaps a glossy coat!

Happy weekend vintage fans!