Forgive us readers, for we have sinned…


Forgive us blog readers, for we have sinned; caught up in the madness and maelstrom of everyday life (and watching WAY too much ‘Game of Thrones’), we’ve ignored this little blog of late, putting it on a back burner so far away that said back burner is simply a blip in the distance. Well, ‘NO MORE’ we cry! But where to begin?? With life moving a mile a minute at the moment, we figured let’s play on that classic TV show trait and have a quick catch-up. Cue opening credits (bonus points if you comment below with a suggested tune that we should have as our ‘Judy’s Vintage Fair’ theme song…) and a booming voice as we give you ‘previously at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair…’

We saw taxidermy at Chester…

…as well as some rather yummy cakes.

Coasters caught our eyes…

…and the Vintage Furniture Flea came to town.

We brought retro travel to Old Spitalfields…

…and got literary in Leeds!

We fell into red dress heaven at the Corn Exchange…

…and found some excellent specs to match!

And end scene! A lovely little visual treat, we hope that’s caught you up (and expect more from us this week!)

Retro Regards (and sorry once more!)

The scribes at Judy HQ x

Leeds Affordable Vintage Fair: Yorkshire, we’re coming HOME!

Greetings vintage fans,

Whether it’s a proper cup of tea or walks in the country, we admit that there’s nothing like coming home! [crikey, we sound like a borderline advert for ‘Bisto!’] This Saturday, we get to do just that, returning with Leeds Affordable Vintage Fair, a FREE day of vintage revelry in the stunning Corn Exchange.

Since our beginnings eight years ago, so much has changed! Facebook has taken over the world, Justin Bieber appeared [we think he appeared fully-formed at Usher’s knee, ready to insight a kind of madness that makes us want to hide under a stone] and Gangnam became a ‘style’ [Note: still not sure what that is] That said, some things never change, such as the immutable beauty of The Corn Exchange! With it’s celestial shell letting in the lovely Leeds sky, we can’t wait to head back on Saturday! [here it is during the 1960s, filled to the brim with activity!]

For any of you kicking about Yorkshire this weekend, check out the details of our Leeds fair HERE.

Au revoir vintage fans [and have a good weekend!]

Judy HQ x


This weekend – Say hello to our Leeds Vintage Fashion Fair

With Autumn on the horizon, the UK’s LARGEST vintage fair (us!) returns to our hometown of Leeds for a huge FREE vintage weekender at the Corn Exchange!

Heralded by the likes of ELLE, STYLIST, GRAZIA & VOGUE as a shopping phenomenon, our formula for Judy’s is simple – source amazing vintage traders from all over the UK, check them for incredible, affordable vintage stock and gather them together, just for the day. Set in the knock-out setting of the Corn Exchange, we will be bringing just that – offers and sale rails, new season staples, 20s beading to 90s prints, all affordably priced. Not stopping at simply your wardrobes, expect furniture and homewares, collectibles and accessories – cocktail dresses to cocktail shakers, all under one [pretty spectacular] roof!

A home town return, we’re going all out; FREE entry over both Saturday and Sunday, tea and cake from those Marvelous Tea Dance Ladies, trend hunting and street style [and cheeky competitions a-plenty!]

To stay TOTALLY plugged-in, check out our OFFICIAL LEEDS FANPAGE HERE

Nearest Parking: Crown Street, LS2 7AB

Nearest Cash Point: Storey Amusements Call Lane, 1-3 Call Lane

Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd September 2012
The Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7RB
Open: Sat – 10:30 – 18:00. Sun – 10:30 – 16:30

Entry: FREE