Vintage Kilo Sales

Vintage Shopping that’s worth the weight – welcome to The Vintage Kilo Sale!

Revolutionising the way we shop retro, The Vintage Kilo Sale calls at some of the biggest cities across the UK bringing vintage shopping that’s worth the weigh-t!

Founded in 2009, the mantra behind the Vintage Kilo Sale is a simple one…

Step 1) Transport TONNES of quality mixed vintage from the 1960s – 1990s to cities nationwide.

Step 2) Add in vintage accessories, from bags to boots to belt, as well as Vintage Jewellery from the UK’s largest Jewellery wholesaler.

Step 3) Invite traders, shoppers and vintage fans from all over the land to come shop!

Step 4) Charge only by weight! With a kilo of clothing costing only £15, that’s an average of 4 -5 ITEMS FOR £15!

Featuring: dresses, denim, blouses, shirts, jumpers, bags, boots, shorts, tees and trousers, think the most affordable vintage sale in the land!

Partnered with Europe’s LARGEST vintage whoesaler, check out our video link below to see the Kilo in action: –

The Vintage Kilo Sale