Vintage Furniture Events

The easiest way to decorate retro – welcome to The Vintage Furniture Flea!

Founded in 2010 from a gap in the market and some serious love for old-world furnishings, Judy’s founded ‘The Vintage Furniture Flea’ in our London residency, Bethnal Green. Covering furniture and homewares, textiles and electricals, the event was to be a mid-century celebration, a showcase of decoration from the fifties and beyond, all bound by affordability. After the launch in November 2010, we knew we had a hit.

Now visiting London three times a year, The Vintage Furniture Flea has seen many an accolade. Featured in BBC H&A, Timeout, Stylist and more, 2011 saw the Flea named ‘Best Vintage Fair’ according to the Vintage Guide to London. Showcasing the kitsch and the collectible [think Ercol to egg-timers] it’s one to watch out for.

As the popularity for the vintage home soars, we’re incorporating even more furniture and homewares into our vintage fairs. Visitors to Spitalfields, Chester, Norwich, York, Bath and Leeds can expect a good selection and to never go flat-pack again!