What’s On In August – Judy’s Vintage Fair, The Vintage Furniture Flea and The Vintage Kilo Sale


Well hello there August, didn’t you rush round the corner? With a sweltering end to July, we’ve almost forgotten that there’s a whole other month of summer fun to be had before ‘back to school’ fever kicks in.

Whether you’re scanning for a last-minute getaway, planning that essential festival wardrobe or even just fancy sprucing up your wares to get in that summer spirit right here at home, our August Vintage Fair offering is strong, heralding some cracking vintage events for all budgets, interests and geographies. Allow us to refresh your memory on all three of our brands…

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair
The big daddy, the OG…Judy’s Vintage Fair has been going strong for nearly 11 years – once you’re inside one of our fairs, you’ll understand why! Bringing together some of the countries best and most eclectic traders, expect anything and everything from the 1920s-80s – we’re talking menswear, womenswear, accessories and homely knick knacks. Topped off with a tea party, this is your perfect weekend time travel day out – no flux capacitor needed.

6th and 7th August – Edinburgh Affordable Vintage Weekender – RSVP HERE

The Vintage Furniture Flea
Teak, Formica, Perspex…this is one for the retro homeware addicts. Sleek mid-century styles and kitsch designs live harmoniously together in our packed halls, sold at an absolute snip of online or high street boutiques. You go-to destination to get that ‘pinnable’ look you’ve been swooning over, it’s not just furniture either – there are home pieces galore to cater for even the smallest of budgets.

30th July  – Balham Baptist Church, South London – RSVP HERE

The Vintage Kilo Sale

Time to pop some tags… The Vintage Kilo Sale is the UK’s original ‘by weight’ event, allowing thrifty shoppers to pick and mix stock from the 1960s-1990s – just like Woolworth’s Sweets! Charged at £15 per kilo, there is no minimum or maximum spend, with individual items weighing in as low as £1.

7th August – Bethnal Green York Hall, East London – RSVP HERE
14th August – Bristol Paintworks – RSVP HERE
20th August – Glasgow Wasps Artists Studios – RSVP HERE

Vogue 100 Manchester: A Century Of Style



Well well well…it looks like summer has finally arrived! Like classic brits we’ve rejoiced at the sudden sunshine, but like the dodgy-tanline-phobics we truly are, we’ve also enjoyed spending our summer downtime indoors.

And where better to spend a lazy day than in the cool surrounds of a museum? We’ve been fans of the Manchester Art gallery for some time, but when we discovered that it was to be the new home of the Vogue exhibition, we hotfooted it across the pennines faster than you could say ‘couture darling!’

A celebration of the whopping 100 years of Vogue’s history, ‘A century of style’ is a must-see for both fashion and photography fans. Seeing those iconic images of supermodels from the ages in glorious technicolour really reinforces the power of both styling and advertising, as well as the changing demands of publishing.It’s all here in a succinct exhibition – the uptight, unobtainable 1940s of couture, the cheeky fun of the 90s Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss era, right up to our modern days obsession with ‘celebrity’ coverstars. We could have spent hours pouring over each image – not bad for a free exhibition!

With back issues laid out in glass cabinets, a trip to the Vogue 100 it’s the perfect opportunity to brush up on your fashion history. A true fashion bible of our times, we can barely believe it’s already 100 years old. Long live Vogue!

SS16 – Shopping retro in the high street sales

We all know what it’s like when you have an event coming up and just can’t find THE outfit – stress city! While we are normally complete vintage purists for both ethical and style reasons (no chance of turning up to that party in the same dress), we do understand the panic of a last minute outfit or the desire for that mid-week treat, which is why we’ve been keeping our eye on the high street and online summer sales.

Whether it’s a repro shop or a more traditional chain, there are plenty of retro pieces to be found in your local city centre – this vintage trend just ain’t going away! Classically british weather can make it difficult to part with too much cash in pursuit of the perfect summer outfit, which is why we’ve stepped in to help you do it on a budget. Behold’ our digest of the high street sales to give you four classic looks to help you through these months.

Not feeling our mass-produced picks?  Or just fancy the real deal? Never fear – check out our events tab for your next local vintage fair, furniture flea or kilo sale.


retro summer outfits ss16


Summers Day
Blouse – Topshop, £18
Skirt – New Look, £9
Sandals – Clarks, £40
Handbag – Zara Kids, £7.99

Date Night
Top – New Look, £8
Trousers – Tara Starlet, £25
Heels – Clarks, £20
Clutch – Lulu Guiness via ASOS, £145

retro summer outfits ss162Retro Wedding
Dress: Marks & Spencer, £30
Bag – Zara, £22.99
Shoes – Swedish Hasbeens via Office, £96
Earrings – Bow And Crossbones, £8

Office Wear
Blouse: H&M, £8
Skirt – Tara Starlet, £14
Sandals – Clarks, £30
Earrings – Bow & Crossbones, £6

Judy’s On Tour! Vintage Shopping in Amsterdam and France

Team Vintage have been well and truly making use of the quieter summer season with not one but two trips to see our EU cousins this month. With Kilo Manager Jenessa opting for Amsterdam and Fair Manager Emily whizzing to France, we’ve been thoroughly enjoying our summer holidays.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 14.23.55

Being the vintage obsessives we are, we can’t help but take a sneak peek at how our pals across the channel/north sea like to sell their retro. For Jenessa this meant checking out the kilo shops of Amsterdam. A wee bit on the pricier side that our own event (don’t say we’re not good to you!), she had great fun seeing how the other half live. Beautifully merchandised and staffed by a lovely team, it got us dreaming about the possibility of our very own bricks and mortar.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 13.56.33Sorting through tons of clothing at the kilo but not quite finding the ‘one’, Jenessa then pottered on down to Episode Vintage, a more traditional ‘by price’ offering which proved to be a serious treasure trove of Sportswear. She snapped up a flawless Adidas Jacket, some stripy shorts and a perfect pair of 80s yellow jeans – all for just over 40 EUR! And of course it wouldn’t have been a trip to Amsterdam without a stop by Kitsch Kitchen – an emporium of all things twee, colourful and throwback-thursday-inducing, she’s been frantically adding pieces to her Pinterest board ever since. Want to read more about Jenessa’s trip? Check out her blog here.

emily france

For our resident glamour queen Emily, only a summer sojourn to francais would do. Making great excuse of the world-famous Broncante market, her bespectacled eyes snapped up some bargains right away – a 70s fondue set for just 7 EUR, as well as these fabulous fruity finds – a pear terrarium and an apple-shaped basket. Yum!

The foody fun didn’t stop there – when in France, one simply must eat all the pastries, and our Em has been sampling (and making) some right corkers. We were dribbling back in the office over these macarons, eclairs and a towering strawberry and mint palova – here’s hoping she brings some back!

In that summer holiday mood? Why not stock up that suitcase with a trip to one of our summer events?

Forthcoming Vintage Events

Fashion On A Ration at Manchester’s Imperial War Museum

FOTR CreativeNothing beats a wee little work outing! Last Thursday we were absolutely delighted when a special invitation dropped into our inbox, welcoming our team to an exclusive opening of Manchester Imperial War Museum’s latest exhibit – Fashion On The Ration: 40s Street Style.

Having been in residence in London for the past year, it was a treat to see such a collection of immaculately kept fashion make it’s way to the north. But we aren’t just talking the big-skirted frocks and pearls one might attribute to the era – as the exhibits helpful guide explained, “From ‘onesies’ to wear in the air raid shelter to jewellery created from aeroplane parts, Fashion on the Ration looks at how fashion survived and even flourished under the strict rules of rationing in 1940s Britain, often in new and unexpected ways.”

Loaded up on canapes and fizzy wine (it was a team night out after all), we made our way into the show itself. While it wouldn’t be fair to ruin the show for anyone (some of these outfits really do need to be seen to be believed), we couldn’t help but snap a few pictures of our favourite looks. From hard-wearing overalls to meticulously patterned dresses, it’s humbling to see just how much of a outlet fashion was in the 1940s – while the war raged on, imaginative dress was a form of escapism and comfort, proof that even at the darkest of times, fashion doesn’t have to be frivolous – it can be dynamic, expressive and a great means to make the most of your surroundings – our favourite was a beautiful garment fashioned from a silk map!

Fashion On A Ration: 1940s Street Style opens to the public this weekend – for more information and to book your tickets, visit the website here. A big thanks to the museum team for inviting us along – what a lovely mid-week treat!


image6 image12 image1


How To Throw A Vintage Party!


It’s been a busy month for birthdays at Vintage HQ – three out of four of our core team have celebrated their big day in the space of a fortnight! Whether there was something a little retro-magic about the month of May we don’t know, but we’re sure been having a fun time throwing some vintage birthday soirees to celebrate (armed with plenty of gin, of course!)

With that in mind, we wanted to share our top tips for throwing a great vintage-inspired party. Whether it be a birthday, a graduation surprise or simply just a ‘summer is finally on it’s way’ knees up, here are some things to consider to get your bash off to the perfect start.


The setting
Many of you out there will be blessed with perfectly styled vintage homes – well done you! Having a party at home can save you quite a lot of money and create a relaxed, familiar environment for your guests – plus there’s no curfew! Although there is of course the nervousness that comes with a coaster-less drink set down on your teak table…

If you’re thinking of having a party at home, perhaps consider putting away some of your more valuables, or else closing off a bedroom/spare room for guests to leave their coats but not linger. If the idea is stressing you out or you have a large number of guests, perhaps consider local hire of a town hall or community centre – with a good theme, any hall can be transformed into vintage heaven – just ask us!

Despite our love of vintage, we’re a fairly modern bunch at Judy’s HQ – frills and frou frou just aren’t us (unless they fall into the delightfully kitsch category). We like to let vintage inform our design choices rather than dictate it, which is what you should do too. Prevent your decor from looking overbearing by sticking to a few key statement pieces – a hired in Tiki Bar, an amazing curtain photo backdrop, vintage-crockery or bold prints. All of these things at once might make guests feel like they’re in a museum – not a good look!


Food and drinks
You’re going to need sustenance if you want to make it past 12pm! Catering rules suggest preparing an average of 3 canapés for each guest, although if your pals are like you might want to make a few extra! Jazz up your table with fancy plates and mix and match your crockery styles and sizes for an effortless vintage look. Top it all off with a cocktail trolley equipped with shakers, pretty glasses and umbrellas – ask guests to bring a bottle if you’re not quite sure what spirits to stock up with. 

With a good set of friends, entertainment at your party needn’t be flashy – it’s amazing what ambience you can set just with an iPad and a killer Spotify playlist. If you fancy going big guns, hire a singer or vintage vinyl DJ – and get your requests in early!


12244752_10207910672469057_7598799833425843544_oThe Outfits
And lastly, the piece-de-resistance! An outfit can make or break your experience as a host/hostess, so make sure it’s something fabulous, fun and comfortable – there’s no point looking amazing if you can’t move an inch. Whether you’re asking your guests to stick to a theme or simply go wild, our events should be your first stop shop – you simply never know what one-off treasure you’re going to find!

Introducing Judy’s Affordable Vintage Digest Issue #8 – SS16


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.20.17It’s that wonderful time again! We proudly introduce issue #8 of our digital vintage magazine, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Digest – your one-stop-shop for all things Judy’s fair, vintage furniture flea and kilo sale.

With Spring finally sprung, this issue is dedicated to all things warm and sunny – think pretty pastels, summer wardrobes and fresh starts for your home. Whether you’re in need of a revision break or just treating yourself to a quiet moment in the new found sunshine, this issue of Judy’s Digest is a vintage magazine jam-packed full of inspiration. Get motivated to spring-clean that wardrobe by checking out our gallery of fabulously dressed customers, or break out the sewing machine like our new upcycling expert James Reeves. Not feeling quite so energetic? That’s fine by us too – we have the ultimate guide to in-season homeware that you can shop online, or kick back in front of one of our retro-approved movies.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.21.21

So what are you waiting for? Pull up a poufee, fix yourself a gin (or pot of tea) and get reading! Don’t forget to tell us what you think either – tweet us @judysvintagefair or pop us an email to magazine@judysvintagefair.co.uk.

In the mood for some shopping? Why not pop along to one of our upcoming events?


Archive By Alexa – Vintage On The High Street

Here’s a statement that probably won’t surprise you: we love Alexa Chung. Who doesn’t? A timeless fashionista with a cracking sense of humour, she’s been one of our go-to girls for style inspiration for a very long time.

Whilst we’re normally all about the real deal when it comes to vintage, we embrace any opportunity to bring retro styles to the masses. Which is why we did a little squeal when we heard all about Alexa’s ‘Archive By Alexa’ collaboration with high-street giants Marks & Spencer – a capsule collection based around some of the brand’s most classic styles and prints from the last eight decades.

Founded in our very hometown of Leeds in 1884, M&S has been a stalwart of British wardrobes for decades, but only recently has it become fashionable again with a younger audience through trend-led collections – think 70s knitwear, jumpsuits and strong paisley prints. With Alexa’s new line, they once again solidify themselves as a go-to brand for quality and comfort – and who knows, maybe we’ll be selling these designs at our fairs in 30 years time!

Check out our picks from the Archive by Alexa collection –

The Elsie Dress, £39.50


The Eliza Dress (£45)

eliza dress

The Mrytle Jumper (£29.50) and Lydia Trousers (£35)


The Olive Slip Dress (£39.50) and Bertha Cardigan (£39.50)


After some of the real vintage deal? Why not pop along to one of our upcoming events…


Fashion Revolution Week


All in all, vintage is a pretty ethical business. The very essence of what we do at Judy’s is providing an alternative to the high street both in style and substance, allowing our customers to celebrate the past and give life to new clothes rather than feeding into the ‘fast fashion’ (and ultimately faster landfill) mentality that plagues so many modern retailers.

That said, we do love a bit of modern too – when it’s done right. On 24 April 2013, 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The poor conditions that these people were working in in order to produce cut-price clothing for the western world ultimately cost them their lives, something we rarely think about when we pop into our local chainstore and pick up a disposable outfit for a tenner.

While there’s nothing wrong with a bargain (our kilo sale as a great example!), it is important that we consider who is paying the price for our budget items, and that we do what we can to encourage businesses to be more transparent about the conditions in which their workers are producing this clothing. With that in mind, we are huge fans of Fashion Revolution Week – an initiative launched in response to that terrible incident in Bangladesh. On 24th April each year, Fashion Revolution brings everyone in the fashion value chain together and help to raise awareness of the true cost of fashion, show the world that change is possible, and celebrate all those involved in creating a more sustainable future.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 14.37.20

So now you’re all clued up, how can you get involved? Luckily for you, you’re already doing a great deal – shopping vintage and second-hand with brands like ourselves helps lessen the pressure even just a little on the manufacture of new items, And why keep pumping out new items when there is so many old ones to love?

Next, take to Twitter (like you need an excuse) and ask your favourite brand – #whomademyclothes? If you’ve snapped something up from one of our fairs, check out the label and contact that company – let them know that you’ve done your part by buying second-hand but want to know that they’re doing theirs too.

Lastly, let’s all hail the #haulternative – step away from the consumerist values of the traditional youtube ‘haul’ and celebrate items you already own. Whether it’s a guide to some of your favourite event charity buys or maybe even some handmade items, a haulternative is a great way to break the cycle of purchasing things we don’t really love or need and actually stopping to appreciate our already bursting wardrobes.

By thinking that little bit harder about what we buy and holding those at the top accountable for their actions, we can all contribute to making sure that the fashion industry is a safer place for those who work in it. Tag us in your posts too – we’d love to see the great finds you’ve bought from us over the years!

Learn more about Fashion Revolution Week here

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 14.41.12


The Vintage Spring Clean – Simple ways to refresh your home

Fling those windows open and grab your mop – it’s time for a spring clean! Giving your home the once over may seem like a massive chore, but it’s also a great opportunity to evaluate your possessions, rid yourself of rubbish and maybe even treat yourself to a new item or two.

That’s right – we’re not about to go all ‘minimal living’ on you. Quite the opposite – a vintage home is all about fun, well-curated pieces that complement each other, rather than trying to achieve perfection through throwing out everything you own. Clutter can be okay – it just needs to be stylish!

Here are our top tips for refreshing your home in time for spring  – no Kirsty Allsopp necessary!

c1e9dcb6554018e2181cc413c36fa4f1Replace Your Cushions
Sofa looking a bit saggy and tired? A new cushion (or twelve) is a great way to add a pop of vintage without having to commit to expensive new furniture – not that we don’t love a great Eames chair! Opt for complimentary colours or choose sympathetic patterns and shapes; we absolutely love atomic and geometric styles.


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.18.32

Go green-fingered
Nothing says spring like some fresh new plants and flowers – the perfect little pick-me-up to make a home feel more like ‘your own’. We’ll leave your choice of bloom up to you, but we’re a sucker for a succulent or even a bold sunflower. Pop yours in a statement tray or vintage vase for maximum appeal.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 13.06.10

Office Inspiration
If you’re anything like us, working from a home office is seeming more and more appealing as the weather improves – no more need to huddle under a blanket! in this room of the house, inspiration is key – surround yourself by knick knacks that really bring you joy. Whether it’s a retro poster print or a toy from your childhood, these personal effects are what will really make your home sing.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.48.53

Combat boring breakfasts
As spring comes, we often get more creative with our mealtimes. Prevent yours from becoming a chore by investing in some vintage kitchenware – a statement tray, cute dinner set or maybe even some amazing new pots and pans. Let’s face it – your instagram flat lay will thank you.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.34.35

Prepare to entertain
The evenings are getting longer – that means more time to party! Spring means getting social; make your guests feel at home with some quirky glassware or go the whole hog with a home bar – we’ve been coveting this tiki beauty for a long time!

In the mood for a refresh? Head to one of our vintage furniture fleas to pick up all of the styles mentioned above and much much more…

April 16th & 17th – South London Vintage Furniture Flea Weekender
April 24th – Bristol Vintage Furniture Flea
May 21st – Leeds Vintage Furniture Flea