Our bags are packed for Judy’s at Old Spitalfields!

Greetings vintage fans!

Just TWO days away, we’re counting down the sleeps to London’s largest free vintage marketplace – Judy’s at Old Spitalfields! 

With a giddy spring theme featuring, let’s just say our trader’s stock, well, it’s great to say the least! Never ones to keep things to ourselves [unless it’s cake that is!] here are our top picks…

Trader: Before Brasilia

Trader: Claudia Kirkman

 Trader: Claudia Kirkman

Trader: Latham Street Vintage

Trader: Love Inc Ltd.

Trader: Maxi Moo Moos

Trader: Mitty Dotty Vintage

Trader: The Upcycling Emporium

Trader: Vintage Promise

Are you excited? Because WE’RE EXCITED! Bringing over 70 amazing traders all readyand aiming to please, for more on Judy’s at Old Spitalfields, click HERE

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Judy HQ x

How to avoid a hair-mare at the Cambridge Vintage Fair

Greetings vintage fans,

Short cuts, long cuts, cuts that fill you with dread – we all know what a nightmare getting retro hair can be and so, this week, we decided to call in the experts. Coming to our Cambridge Vintage Fair this very Sunday, we chatted to retro beauticians ‘Salon Vintage‘ on the hows and whys of good vintage hair [and the styles that should NEVER come back…]

Q. Hey Venetia! Thank you for talking to Judy HQ! Now then, can we ask – how did it all begin??

A. Well, Vicky, George and I are all hair stylists and/or make-up artists who have been practising for many years now [more than we can count!]. Back in the day, I did a course called ‘Vintage Hair Styling for Camera’ followed by a course purely for vintage make-up, leading to a job working with The Vintage Hair Lounge (based in Southampton) at Goodwood Revival in September of last year. Vicky & George soon caught the bug and did the training too! Qualifications done, we then chose our vintage identities – Queenie, Vi & Georgie-Pie and ‘Salon Vintage’ was born!

Q. Now, with vintage fans being so eclectic, do you ever get any crazy requests?

A. Not crazy exactly, as almost anything goes, but we did have one customer who wanted to look older [crazy in our eyes!] and we were happy to oblige! She did indeed look older after being styled but most people just want to see a different look in the mirror and we never fail to disappoint. The ability to transform someone is a  fantastic perk and we love to see the look on their faces when the finished look is revealed to them!

Q. Just as certain eras of vintage are popular on the runways at the moment, do you find that that there are certain decades or looks that are on trend?

A. The most popular era is definitely the 1940s; victory rolls, land girls and head scarves, followed closely by 1960s beehives. Actually, at the moment one of the hottest trends is the 1950s beehive – a softer version than the 60s one, very classy & sophisticated! The most popular make-up feature is most definitely bright red lipstick – gorgeous on everyone!

Q. And for all those who want to try it at home ,are there are any products or tools that are a must-have in order to get the look?

A. There are 3 things that anyone would need to create a style at home – lots of grips & pins, lots of backcombing – not as damaging to the hair as most people believe – and finally, a ton of hairspray. In terms of make-up, we sell a fantastic range of vintage-inspired cosmetics – Besame is a great one [the packaging is pure luxury!]  It looks amazing on your dressing table and the colours are truly vintage. The ‘Red Hot Red’ lipstick (Marilyn Monroe’s favourite) is an absolute must to get the look!

Q. And finally, are there any vintage hairstyles that you NEVER want to see again?

A. Definitely the 1970s mullet – what on EARTH were people [i.e we] thinking!!

And there we have it folks, follicle tips from insiders in the know! If you’re popping down to the Cambridge Vintage Fair on Sunday and fancy some affordable retro TLC, email hi-de-hi@salonvintage.co.uk to book in [and for all the details on our Cambridge Vintage Fair, click HERE]

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x


Judy’s at Old Spitalfields: Hello Yellow!

Greetings vintage fans!

With Spring [and the return of our free London bonanza, ‘Judy’s at Old Spitalfields’] just around the corner, boy do we have a treat for you! Teaming up with London bloggers  ‘Fancy Full‘ [check them out here, they are lovely!] we are saying ‘HELLO YELLOW’ and showcasing the very best in vintage wares, all in our favourite colour!

From mustard through to sunny brights, expect fashion, homewares, street style and accessories to [colour] pop you out of the cold! With a full preview to come, here are two beauties from trader ‘Before Brasilia to get you in the mood…’

Lovely stuff indeed! For further information on how you too can let the sunshine in with Judy’s at Old Spitalfields, check out our event link here.

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ! x


For serious collectors of vintage jewellery or shoppers seeking to bag a designer bargain at a fraction of the price, traditional auctions are proving to be a popular choice.

Fellows auctioneers, based in the historic Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham will be holding a sale of Vintage Jewellery & Accessories on Monday 11th March featuring over 1,000 lots. To help global buyers, the auction can be watched in real time on-line  so buying from the comfort of your own home or desk just got a lot easier.

As well as featuring single items of clothing, jewellery and accessories, customers can also buy large quantities of jewellery from five to twenty pieces per bag. Vintage designers such as Sphinx, Monet, Trifari, Exquisite and Sarah Coventry are just a few of the popular names that can be purchased in this auction.

If you like period dramas, then Lot 1032 featuring a black moleskin top hat and a grey morning hat should be on your list – we think the folks at Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge would approve! There is also a wide selection of vintage fur coats and jackets ranging from £40 – £2,000.

Scandinavian pieces are plentiful in the sale, which have a great collectors following: classic Georg Jensen and some eye-catching Bjorn Weckstrom pieces. Lot 627, one of his silver ‘Space series’ rings, would definitely be a conversation starter.

Lot 832 – A selection of costume jewellery – estimate £40 – £60

Lot 977 – Two vintage handbags and a portable jewellery case – estimate £80 – £120







Lot 385 – A selection of marcasite jewellery – estimate £40 – £60








Lot 1 – A mid 20th century continental paste swallow bird brooch – estimate £100 – £150







The full catalogue can be viewed online: http://bit.ly/XzoI9y


A very vintage fashion week

Oh London Fashion Week, how quickly you go! As we sit here [rather pleasurably!] looking through all the looks that make us want to fast-forward the summer and jump straight to Autumn, one can’t help but wish for a form of ‘Fashion Week Omnibus,’ a sort of sartorial ‘Black Mirror’ beamed straight through the TV and into our brains and leaving us trend-aware in an instant!

Dystopian Charlie Brooker-isms aside, what have we learnt from Fashion Week? Surprisingly, much of the same! From the ’60s to the Elizabethan to a take on Rydell High, the past is more present than ever, with ample designs to leave us drooling. Picking out outfits and plastering them together, here are a few faves from a very retro week on the runways…

Giles: Kicking things off chronologically with a spot of the Elizabethan, Gile’s floor-length gowns, puffed sleeves, lace and embellishments are so old-school that they’re practically out of a GCSE history textbook. Sighting his influence as ‘Black Adder!’ we may start channeling our inner Baldrick next season too! [if only we can remember where we put those ruffs…] Photo courtesy of: Vogue

Meadham Kirchoff: A monochrome march of leather, black velvet, virginal white linen, veils and crowns, duo Meadham Kirchoff explored the notion of ‘devotion,’ with heavy fabrics, embellished collars and floor-length cuts mirroring the Victorian. Putting one in mind of tempestuous moors, jilted brides and the juxtaposition of mourning with the celebratory, we think that we will be going back to black for Autumn, swapping taxi cabs for carriages and bringing headpieces into the office [too much?] Photo courtesy of: Vogue [and for a  backstage look, check out Wonderland’s review here]

PPQ: A good seven decades post-Victorian [and at the opposite end of the aesthetic spectrum] we couldn’t help but fall for the ADORABLE neon pea coats over at PPQ! 1960’s beehives, contrasting paneling and coming with an assortment of collars, we fancy channeling Twiggy green and adding a much-needed colour pop to our wardrobes. Photo courtesy of: Yahoo.

Orla Kiely: Well, where do we begin? Clearly, by the amount of images we’ve plastered above, you can see that we are officially IN LOVE! A strong believer that fashion [especially that which isn’t so easy on the bank!] should be experiential and not just a quick flaunt down a runway, we were smitten with Orla Kiely’s recreation of the classic 1960s typing pool, complete with beehives, props and [we like to hope] a lot of scotch! And so, the only thing more impressive than the setting? The clothes themselves! Gorgeous repeat-print shifts, layering, sheer sleeves, peter pan collars [and the odd squirrel or two, occupying a cardigan.] As practical as they are an occular delight, it makes us wants to time travel RIGHT NOW back to the 60s and live the Draper dream! Photos courtesy of: Vogue and Rush and Teal

Tata Naka: Taking ‘The Pink Ladies’ via Keith Haring, how anyone wouldn’t fall for the playful print clash of Tata Naka is beyond us! With the designers channeling ‘love in an ’80s High School,’ printed letterman jackets, coloured leather, knee-length skirts and pannelling remain outre but accessible, a giddy lovechild of 1950s styles and 80s angst that promises to put the fun back into an Autumn that feels a little grown-up. Photos courtesy of: Trend Journal

Well folks, there we have it! We hope you have enjoyed our little sartorial tour and feel free to let us know your favourites by commenting below!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x


Leeds Affordable Vintage Fair: Yorkshire, we’re coming HOME!

Greetings vintage fans,

Whether it’s a proper cup of tea or walks in the country, we admit that there’s nothing like coming home! [crikey, we sound like a borderline advert for ‘Bisto!’] This Saturday, we get to do just that, returning with Leeds Affordable Vintage Fair, a FREE day of vintage revelry in the stunning Corn Exchange.

Since our beginnings eight years ago, so much has changed! Facebook has taken over the world, Justin Bieber appeared [we think he appeared fully-formed at Usher’s knee, ready to insight a kind of madness that makes us want to hide under a stone] and Gangnam became a ‘style’ [Note: still not sure what that is] That said, some things never change, such as the immutable beauty of The Corn Exchange! With it’s celestial shell letting in the lovely Leeds sky, we can’t wait to head back on Saturday! [here it is during the 1960s, filled to the brim with activity!]

For any of you kicking about Yorkshire this weekend, check out the details of our Leeds fair HERE.

Au revoir vintage fans [and have a good weekend!]

Judy HQ x


Historic Auction of Princess Diana’s Dresses to take place in London!

Kerry Taylor Auctions is proud to announce the sale of ten of the most important and iconic dresses which formerly belonged to Diana, Princess of Wales. Having sold some of the most important Princess Diana and Royalty related clothing in recent years, Kerry Taylor Auctions have been now been entrusted with the sale of this fabulous group which has been sent for auction from America. The dresses were originally purchased in a charity auction arranged at the request of the Princess in New York in June 1997 – just a few months before her tragic death.

Left: Lot 9, Catherine Walker Mughal-inspired lavishly embroidered evening gown and bolero, made for the State visit to India. Estimate £80-120,000.








Left: Lot 4, A Catherine Walker sea-green sequined evening gown, worn for the State visit to Austria. Estimate £30-50,000.






Some of the gowns were worn for official State visits to Austria, Australia, Brazil, India, South Korea and the United States of America. Diana was photographed wearing them by not only by the paparazzi, but by some of the leading photographers of the day – including Mario Testino and Lord Snowdon, so are extremely well documented. These elegant couture creations were made by some of her favourite designers – Zandra Rhodes, Catherine Walker, Bruce Oldfield and Victor Edelstein. One of them – a dark green velvet dinner gown has what appears to be the print of a small hand on the skirt – possibly that of a young prince?

In the early years the Princess favoured romantic ball gowns or pretty, delicately printed chiffon cocktail dresses. As she matured, so did her taste in clothes which is well illustrated by this group. She liked to wear rich velvets, often in dark colours which acted as a great backdrop to her collection of fine jewels and served to emphasise her English-rose complexion. Black was a favourite colour, and Diana often chose to wear it, despite the fact that Prince Charles had advised her that it was strictly against Royal protocol – as members of the Royal family are only supposed to wear it for periods of mourning. By the 1990s the Princess’ self-confidence in her own style had grown. She wore more sculpted clothes that emphasised and enhanced her slim, athletic physique. Whilst still regal, the clothes had become more daring and sophisticated.

One of the most important and iconic of her dresses is the Victor Edelstein midnight blue velvet gown which she wore to the State dinner at the White House given in honour of the Prince and Princess of Wales by President and Mrs Reagan, 9th November, 1985 (see left). The most memorable image of the trip is not of the Royal couple – but of the Princess and John Travolta twirling and gliding across the White House floor to the strains of ‘You Should be Dancing’ from the movie ‘Saturday Night Fever’. The Princess is reputed to have confided in Mrs Reagan, that her one wish on the American trip was to dance with Travolta, which the First Lady cleverly managed to arrange. The Princess and movie star remained on the dance floor, tune after tune, for over twenty minutes and Travolta later went on to describe the experience as ‘being like a fairytale’.

Estimates range from £20,000 to £200,000.

A printed catalogue is available now.

Auction: March 19th 2013 at 3pm

Venue: 249-253 Long Lane, Bermondsey, London, SE1 4PR

Viewing: Sun 17th March, 12-5pm, Mon 18th March, 10-5pm, Tues 19th March, 10-1pm

Online catalogue: www.kerrytaylorauctions.com

Contact: 0208 676 4600, info@kerrytaylorauctions.com

The Vintage Kilo Sale cometh!

Greetings vintage fans!

Being granted a sneak-peek into the goodies coming along to a weekend-long London Vintage Kilo Sale [our vintage wholesale event, serving up a smorgasbord of vintage fashion/ accessories for £15 a kilo] feels, in a nutshell, terribly naughty! Just like Charlie and his amble around the chocolate factory, we too can’t help but salivate at the prospect of so much retro booty waiting in the wings. And so,why are we telling you this? Because we want to give YOU a peek too! Without further ado, here are a few samples of what we’ll have on offer…

Tantalised? US TOO! Be sure to RSVP here and we’ll see you this weekend!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Blogger Undercover at The Vintage Kilo Sale

Greetings vintage fans!

Always ones to offer-up a platform for the myriad of bloggers, photographers and out-and-out fashion fans who get in touch, the other week we recruited the lovely Ema from wonder blog ‘Is it vintage?‘ to sleuth through our sister event, The Vintage Kilo Sale Edinburgh! A no-frills, no holds barred paradise for scavenging vintage fans, let’s see what she found…

“Today I went to Judy’s Vintage Kilo Fair! It was a brilliant day, as usual and it was jammed packed with Edinburgh vintage lovers. There was so much to choose from, from knitwear to gorgeous cream blouses. It is £15 per kilogram, so you are going to get about 4/5 items for that amount which is fab. I got up super early as I got entry at 10 o’clock & we were all rumaging through heaps of clothes, minus the movie style arguments!

I got a plaid shirt, a green maxi skirt, a tartan clueless style skirt and a green blouse all for £20. See below for photo! I was buying so much green today. I wonder what that means?

Anyhoo, I decided to mix it up a bit and do a short video so everyone that wasn’t able to make it, not from Edinburgh or just fancies a look at how it was set up can have a gander.”

Video —> Welcome to The Vintage Kilo Sale <— Video

Well there we have it –  a retro sleuth indeed! To see more from Ema, click HERE and to find out when the Kilo is coming to you, click HERE.

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ! x