We are the Champions [Part 2]

Ready for our daily outfit fix, we’re back with guest blogger Rosie Steer and another set of envy-setting ensembles, fresh from The Old Spitalfields Market. Take it away Rosie- we can hardly wait!

“One of my favourite things about vintage fairs, markets and festivals is the people watching. I love to see the different ways people re-interpret vintage influences or channel retro elements in their style. Hopefully I’ve demonstrated the eclectic mix of styles at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair this weekend as I made a conscious effort to record a diverse selection of outfits! Part one of my Judy’s at Spitalfields street style post had a great response – thank you! Here are the rest of the prize-winning outfits…”

“This was one of my favourite outfits, particularly as the more I looked, the more styling surprises were revealed! For example, these gorgeous pink daisy print trousers are actually a jumpsuit fashioned into a pair of high waisted trousers – two outfits for the price of one! I made a mental note to try that tip, I think it looks really cool with the bralet especially with the clashing floral patterns. I really like the way a ladylike blouse has been knotted at the waist and used as a chic cover-up too. I also loved these tweed detail brogues, but then we all know I’m a sucker for a good brogue…”

“This lovely retro ’70s style paisley print initially caught my eye. A little unusual for a men’s shirt and I liked the combination of a casual untucked shirt with tapered chino trousers too, cleverly styled with a vintage scarf as a belt. John Lennon glasses finished a casual but put-together outfit.”

“More polka dots! This time mini ones on a retro midi-length tea dress, very 1940s. The dress was styled simply with mainly black pieces, a black cardigan, cross-body bag and mid heel that let the print do the talking. Accessories let the wearer’s personality shine through – a ladylike headpiece, lace print glasses and a slick of red lipstick.”

“Scarf print shirts are big news this summer and I saw several vintage versions at the fair. This green and blue Versace-esque style makes a bold statement and can be dressed down for day, as it is here with skinny jeans, aviator jacket and brogues, or dressed up for a night out with a pencil skirt and heels.”

“I love the way this fair-goer has used volume in her ensemble, balancing a voluminous blouse with skinny tailored trousers. The kitsch vintage print and button detail on the oversized blouse are really cute, but skinny trousers and patterned ‘brothel creepers’ toughen up the look considerably. Extra points here for the most striking haircut!”

“Even more polka dots! Ok, I may have a slight obsession… However, I couldn’t not take this girl’s picture. I love the oversized spots and the shape of this dress, a really unusual, ’80s-style double-breasted cut. The way this stylish shopper played with proportions by layering also stood out for me; the cropped trousers and bracelet-length sleeves under the dress add an extra dimension to the look.”

“The weather may have been rainy outside but this summery look brought a touch of sunshine to Spitalfields. I like the way an overtly girly pleated net skirt has been paired with a fun printed top in coordinating colour; the mushroom colour of the skirt is picked up in the print of the T-shirt. The straw trilby completes the easy breezy holiday vibe of this look – now where’s the sun?!”

“Some great use of colour here too: the block colours of the bright blue colour pop trousers and clashing peach converse and handbag are picked up in the colours of this ’80s-tastic stylised floral print top. I like the reflective aviator glasses and pink toy watch too.”

“I liked the use of neutrals in this lovely feminine outfit. Neutrals can be really hard to pull off, especially when several shades are involved, but this vintage shopper gives a lesson in how to work them. It’s all about contrasting textures to break up the look, such as floaty chiffon with a crisp cotton shirt in the above outfit, and choosing complementary hues: here the blouse is pink-toned and the beige skirt also has a touch of pink.”

“This has to be the most striking outfit of the day – WOW! This bold all-in-one is really ’80s, I love the unusual pattern and bright yellow hue. I enjoy the use of proportion here too; the exaggerated shoulders of the jacket balance out the skintight lower half of the outfit. The bag has to be one of the most impressive I saw at the fair and those platforms were definitely the highest heels! Kudos! What I liked most about this outfit was the way it perfectly summed up this shopper’s confident, bubbly personality.”

“Final outfit! I’m a real magpie for patterned shirts and this one really caught my eye. It’s from the vintage shop that the girl in the previous picture works in (these two are friends and probably the most stylish duo at the fair!). I like the oversized collar and unusual print – its owner described it as her “tetris shirt” which I thought was very apt – and the way it’s been styled with the cropped jumper and red leather pencil skirt. Fabulous loafer-style platforms and vintage bag too, and I love all the rings.

Thanks again to Kieran for asking me along, and to Sophie who managed the fair on Saturday and scouted some outfits with me in the latter half of the fair! I officially can’t wait until the next one. See you there!”


Well there we have it folks – outfit inspiration and a half! To keep an eye on Rosie’s other adventures, visit her blog HERE and, for anyone wanting a vintage fix of their own [alongside live acts and…wait for it…a DOG SHOW] we’re back at Spitalfields for a FREE event on Bank Holiday Monday! [Hooray!] For all the details, click HERE