Spitalfields, here we come!

Oh Olympics, what a muse you are; not solely to all those [us included] sat on our bums or counting the 20 step-schlep to the biscuit barrel as toil [toil deserves treats – am i right folks? Am i right? GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE] but also, an inspiration to small businesses, all jumping on the bandwagon to bring everything from Olympic cappuccinos to meal deals, sale rails to rail cards.

Tenuous connections aside, OH BOY-OH-BOY-HAVE-WE-GOT-SOMETHING-FOR-YOU! [apologies for all the capitals, i knew i should have gone decaf on my Wiggins Mochaccino – easy on the HOY milk! hohoho] You see, tomorrow marks the return of London’s BIGGEST free vintage market, courtesy of yours truly. Taking place at the Old Spitalfields Market – an area jam-packed with globe-trotting sports fans – how could we NOT do something GB-themed when so much buzz abounds? Cue brainstorm, a couple of calls and an idea is born.

NOW, it goes without saying that sprinting, punting and hop-skip-and-jumping – they are all prize-worthy skills. But what about that most devilish of deeds, the art of dressing well? According to the magazines, style bloggers and paparazzos out and about, there’s totes nothing to it; a cropped number here, a ‘statement’ jacket there [what statement that may be still baffles me – coat-gito erego sum, ‘I am a coat, therefore I am’] and bob’s your uncle, your done! Still, for us plebian clothes-wearers mooching about the streets, confidence doesn’t come so quickly. A royal pat on the back, enter our Olympic gimmick!

To cut an obscenely long story short, we’re giving out prizes AND £200 worth of vouchers to our best-dressed guests at Spitalfields! [hooray] Unfit to judge [our propensity to bribes rules us out] we’ve roped in two top-notch London bloggers to do the rounds!

X-Factor, eat your heart out – more particular than Sherzinger, more bloodthirsty than Geri [PS Ginger Spice as a judge? Seriously? Don’t remember ‘Look at Me?’ Mel B busy? Ok.] and with all the charm of Katy Perry, we give you our Judy’s GUEST JUDGES!

Hailing from bonnie Scotland, first up is fashion journo and blog afficianado Rosie Steer. Tipped by Grazia as “one to watch” [ominous!] Miss Steer is the creator of ‘Everything looks Rosie,’ a window into style in both St Andrews and now the capital and all the misadventures inbetween. Judging as sharply as the tailoring on her back, check her out here.

Adding a bit of the exotic to the mix, our second judge hails all the way from Brazil; photography junkie, fashion fan [and lover of fluffy dogs. And bubble wrap] Kesia Cardoso aka Miss Uma is the writer of Miss Uma et Les Pappillons, a fashion-come-lifestyle blog documented through polaroids and lovely shots, available to view here

Armed with £200 worth of vouchers, cameras, prizes and absolutely no brief at all, we can’t wait to see what turns up! And so, what to take from this blogpost? Just like the parable of Bing vsThanksgiving, sometimes gimmicks are worth investing in [especially if you get a medal!] Wardrobe open and Rocky soundtrack on – there are prizes to be won.

Judy’s at Spitalfields takes place on Saturday 4th August 2012 at the Old Spitalfields Market [nearest tube: Liverpool St] To RSVP, click HERE