Izzy, we will miss you!

BOOHOOHOOHOOHOO [note: this is the sound of sobbing, not some deranged ghost all up in the blog!] Today is a black day for Judy HQ as our marketing assistant, Izzy, is leaving. Returning to final year/ a life of pov, Izzy, we will miss you! The life of a vintage marketing intern, here’s her year in her own words…

“Well, it’s over. My year uni placement has come to an end quicker than I can say ‘I love Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair!’ [suck up!] I will still be popping up at the odd fair though so it’s not completely over! I can’t thank Judy and the team enough for offering me such a fantastic experience in a field I feel truly passionate about. Kieran’s been a fabby manager, Judy a great boss, Claire an awesome partner in all sorts of office crime!

Over this year I have met some of the most interesting and inspiring people and have seen the most amazing cities, clothes and accessories. My wardrobe is heaving with amazing clothes, my room with gorgeous trinkets and my computer full of snaps!

To finish, find some snaps of some good ol’ SCOTTISH vintage [just to remember me by!]

Faithfully, your little [Scottish] Marketing and Events Assistant!