Advantage: Fashion!

Greetings vintage lovers!

The strawberries, champers and grunting that is Wimbledon came to an end last Sunday with our man Murray unable to clinch victory from the Swiss jaws of defeat. As Murray weeped all over his Tennis whites we at Judy HQ got to thinking – tennis has provided us with some curious fashion moments over the years. With Fred Perry remaining the last British man to win Wimbledon waaaay back in 1936, it only seemed appropriate to indulge in a healthy dose of fashion nostalgia.

From elegant long pleated skirts to some dubious short shorts, each decade saw its own unique style play out on court as it did on the catwalks- it’s almost enough to make me want to grab a racket! [Almost.] Trawling the internet for tennis stars past, here’s a selection of some of our DEUCE-iest [get it? get it??] picks…


Advantage? We say YES!