Is that…Kendal Calling?

TICK TOCK FESTIVAL O’CLOCK! Folks, we’re Lake-District bound this afternoon, headed for Kendal Calling Festival! Reporting from the hot-spot that are our TWO vintage marquees, stay tuned on our FANPAGE HERE for all the street style, vintage finds and quite probably, embarassment as it happens!


Full report next week – ciao for now!


Izzy, we will miss you!

BOOHOOHOOHOOHOO [note: this is the sound of sobbing, not some deranged ghost all up in the blog!] Today is a black day for Judy HQ as our marketing assistant, Izzy, is leaving. Returning to final year/ a life of pov, Izzy, we will miss you! The life of a vintage marketing intern, here’s her year in her own words…

“Well, it’s over. My year uni placement has come to an end quicker than I can say ‘I love Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair!’ [suck up!] I will still be popping up at the odd fair though so it’s not completely over! I can’t thank Judy and the team enough for offering me such a fantastic experience in a field I feel truly passionate about. Kieran’s been a fabby manager, Judy a great boss, Claire an awesome partner in all sorts of office crime!

Over this year I have met some of the most interesting and inspiring people and have seen the most amazing cities, clothes and accessories. My wardrobe is heaving with amazing clothes, my room with gorgeous trinkets and my computer full of snaps!

To finish, find some snaps of some good ol’ SCOTTISH vintage [just to remember me by!]

Faithfully, your little [Scottish] Marketing and Events Assistant!



Tramlines 2012

Vintage fans, we’re not as young as we used to be – two days at an inner-city festival and we’re already ready for the scrap heap! Whilst we soothe our aching joints, we recruited the lovely folks from Goodie 2 Shoes to be our resident happy-snappers for Tramlines Festival 2012. Take it away folks…

Sheffield, thanks for having us! We’ll see you on October 6th! 



London, London, London. Whilst some of you are counting down to shuttlecocks and judo chops, we’re counting down to SHOPPING! Returning to The Old Spitalfields Market on Sat August 4th, our huge FREE market is back, bringing a century of stock to knock your socks off! Fashion, furniture [and this little beauty] – Olympic stress be damned!

To RSVP to Judy’s at Spitalfields, click HERE




Unlucky for Some…

Greetings vintage fans

It’s FRIDAY THE 13TH [cue creepy organ music and CRACK of lightning!] Whether you’re breezing through it or simply staying put, we thought we’d shower you with luck via a picture of vintage cereal. More sugary sweet than a puppy at CHRISTMAS, no wonder that Leprechaun was so frikkin’ positive!



Advantage: Fashion!

Greetings vintage lovers!

The strawberries, champers and grunting that is Wimbledon came to an end last Sunday with our man Murray unable to clinch victory from the Swiss jaws of defeat. As Murray weeped all over his Tennis whites we at Judy HQ got to thinking – tennis has provided us with some curious fashion moments over the years. With Fred Perry remaining the last British man to win Wimbledon waaaay back in 1936, it only seemed appropriate to indulge in a healthy dose of fashion nostalgia.

From elegant long pleated skirts to some dubious short shorts, each decade saw its own unique style play out on court as it did on the catwalks- it’s almost enough to make me want to grab a racket! [Almost.] Trawling the internet for tennis stars past, here’s a selection of some of our DEUCE-iest [get it? get it??] picks…


Advantage? We say YES!