Vintage Nation Festival 2012

To recall our first ever solo vintage festival [which was nearly three weeks ago – BAD BLOGGER!] is something akin to trying to remember a bruise accumulated after falling of a park swing or tumbling from a seesaw in the follies of youth; you know you enjoyed it, wind in your hair, going higher and higher but at some point, you ate dirt, dusted yourself up, maybe cried for a bit [depending on your disposition] then threw yourself on the roundabout and got on with it.

Conceited and long-winded analogy? Yes! Irrelevant? NO! So what am i trying to say? That Vintage Nation was enjoyable, exhilarating, successful but BLOODY HARD WORK! Electrics failed, food vendors cancelled, gales were blown, tea was NOT SERVED CORRECTLY [hell hath no fury like a commercial caterer scorned – or should that be SCONE-d?] At the end of it, we were tired, delirious and probably, a little drunk [blast you Crabbie’s!]

Still, there was MUCH to be thankful for – the marketplace[which looked AWESOME and didn’t stop all day!] our sponsors, our live acts and performers, our photographers, our cars and of course, our customers. Without you, all of you, we couldn’t have made it through. And so, without further ado, here are a few snaps of a day that will, just like the King said, “be always on my mind..”

And there we have it – our first festival, done! Just the most massive, humongous, Godzilla-sized thanks to all of you who made it happen. To next year? To next year!