To market, to market…

Greetings loved ones!

Perhaps one of the perks of arranging a festival [especially one where hopping is involved!] is getting to OGLE all of the glorious things that are set to be on offer waaaay before anyone else.

Altruistic and generous as we are [read: broke] we’ve decided to share with you some of the wonderful traders we’ve got popping along to Vintage nation Festival in Brighton on Saturday June 9th [it hurts too much to look at them alone – sob sob, if only we were rick sob sob]

Sobbing aside, here’s a rundown of some of the tip-top ladieswear traders popping along to the festival…


Trader 1: Hattastic

Featured everywhere from Time Out to Milan, Chloe Haywood’s Hatastic! is on the hit-list for any summer events-goer looking to be heads above the rest! Jewels, florals, trinkets and bridal bits – from down the aisle to high fashion, it’s certainly worth a peruse!


Trader 2: Jarvis & Janis

Fleetwood Mac meets maxi dresses, for all fans of the 60s and 70s, add Jarvis & Janis to the equation. Prints, fringing, paisley and suede – perfect for a bohemian summer!


Trader 3: Darlings Vintage

For all those all about old-world glamour, Darlings is the stall for you; opulent gowns, one-off accessories – from cocktail dresses to designer names, you never know quite what you will find!

Trader 4: Shopfloor Whore

Spotted on Asos, in Company [and on Jessie J’s head!] Londoner Shopfloor Whore will be adding capital city swagger to the event. Featuring more print and glitter than the mind can handle, be sure to pick-up a trademark turban to be the envy of your clique.


And there we have it, a mere SMATTERING of the goodies on offer! If you enjoyed this visual smogasbord, be sure to click HERE and get your ticket [before it’s too late!]



Welcome to Vintage Nation!

Hello all!

So this week, we’re not up to much…only PUTTING ON OUR OWN BRIGHTON VINTAGE FESTIVAL! [nearly had you for a second! Us? Not do anything? YEAH RIGHT!]

Like all good things, we’ve made you wait for it, showcasing all of our fairs before even whispering the word ‘festival.’ But with fairs out of the way, the FESTIVAL shall play and so over the next few weeks expect to see a whole host of things on offer! In the meantime…


Bethnal Green’s Affordable Vintage Fair!

What happens when you take jugglers, acrobats, DJs, cake-makers, traders, chap-rappers, bartenders and vintage fans and bedeck it in a truck-load of bunting? Bethnal Green’s Affordable Vintage Fair my friends, and here it is in pictures…




Manchester Manchester Manchester. How you have stumped us. Like Goldielocks, we’ve hopped around venue after venue – too small, too dark, too many traffic wardens – just looking for that fairy tale setting to call home.

Setting up shop at the HMV Ritz, we’ve found a happy ending! With over 800 shoppers, coming across for the day, we LOVED it!

DJs, balloons, sale rails and traders galore, here’s our fave photo of the classic Ritz Ballroom in full swing…

WHAT A DAY! Manchester, we’ll be back in the Autumn for more fun and games. Until then, we bid you adieu.



Bethnal Green [in 3D]

Evening vintage fans!

Now, you may have missed the memo, and in case you did…

That’s right folks, the MOTHER of all East-end vintage events is back on the scene from Sunday 27th May! To celebrate said homecoming, we wanted to go the extra mile every which way possible; with a whole host of things on offer, instead of b-o-r-ing you with words, we’re letting our new fler do the talking [it’s late on a Thursday so sue me for bad blogging!]

No appropriate phrase springs to mind, so we’ll settle for ohmygoditsfrikkinamazinglookatherpigtails – ithinkimgoingtopassoutitssogood! [roughly translated as s’good!]

We can’t wait to be back, the girls on the flyer can’t wait to be back, heck even the balloon is counting down the days! For more information on what we’re up to, click here.