Mug Shot!

Greetings vintage fans,

Many a moon it seems since I set my fingers click-clicking on the keyboard about all things vintage [and as is ironically the case, SO much has happened – WHERE TO BEGIN??!] Looking back, my last post came after the terrible posthumous news of Whitney Houston – sad as i was, it probably looks like i’ve been shocked into some catatonic state where blogging was impossible [but rest assured i’m back!] Spotify, “it’s not right” and other hits blaring in the night – after three, lets get typing!

And so to what do we owe this unabashed breaking of my silence? A mug dear readers, a simple mug.

BUT NOT ANY OLD MUG! [had you for a second!] Not any idol china, cup or receptical. This time, we’re talking THE MOST EXPRESSIVE BEVVY-HOLDER EVER! [scroll down if you don’t believe me]

Those eyebrows, the bags, ¬†a porcelain sense of disapproval – never has a mug been so menacing. For all who like their cappuccinos mustachio-d, YOU SHOULD’VE GOT YERSELVES TO NEWCASTLE’S AFFORDABLE VINTAGE FAIR! No doubt this cap’n now sits proud on some sideboard in the Toon, banishing all other mugs to the back of the cupboard.

Kicking yourself for not going? NEVER FEAR ME HEARTIES – a follicle fix is never far away. With Judy’s at Spitalfields literally around the corner, expect the likes of this to keep you busy….



What is it? We don’t really know; as long as its got a nose neighbour, we’re¬†interested.

From one crumb catcher to the other,