Welcome! Bienvenue! Wilkommen! [we run out after three languages…]

Waving at you more frantically than a gaggle of Harry Styles fans outside the One Direction penthouse, we at Judy HQ wanted to say a big, fat welcome to our new blog and website!

A long time in the making, we’re pretty proud of this fancy new digital crash-pad, with more gadgety features than a bumper edition of Top Gear [and none of the car-crash outfits!] Naturally, my first reaction is to press everything at once, toddler-like, but i’ll refrain in case of a digital apocalypse [or a stern telling-off from the tech team!]

In the interim period, we’ll be updating both this blog and our former [because we’re good like that and wouldn’t want you to miss out] ┬ábut for now, we say welcome once more and let’s get this show on the road.

Over and out,

xVVx [Kieran the Vintage Vulture]